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21Mountain Blossoms by TheSleepyRabbit22I`m fabulous by LuanaRPhotography23StepUp by xclt24F.D.R.geese18 redone by Blackjack616425War Pigs by TonyGCampagna
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126Thank you by CindysArt127The Pink Grasshopper II by thrumyeye128Weevil taking flight by ColinHuttonPhoto129instinct by kleanthis130Vintage dreamer by MementoMori-stock131Hanging Around by Hunkinart132Waiting for lunch by ErikEK133birdy by Fajralam134Nice View by BabyRC

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If I Could Give A DD

Sat Dec 20, 2014, 8:51 AM
Gosh! Doing this journal has made me realize just how hard the job of the CV's really is! It's been nearly impossible to choose; so I decided my selections would come from my 'favorites' folder...
To all those featured here: A DD, from my heart to you. Your work rocks!

Here is what I narrowed them down to; but there are so many more that excited me!
I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. :heart:


Wolf TrailA pair of eyes
glow yellow
in the darkness
of the night.
He has taken
the trail
through the forest.
in the thicket
and under cover of the trees,
he sneaks up.
He persists ...
attentive -
cautious -
hidden -
He is
very beautiful,
but rarely
does someone catch sight
of him.
Why has he
left his pack?
Why does he sneak
through the forests?
His eyes
glisten ...
They tell of times
when he
was chased.
He was weak -
at that time,
too weak to hunt,
too weak to protect.
The pack
did not
need him.
The weak are
an obstacle.
So, he was
bitten -
kicked -
Since then,
he has been passing alone
through the forests,
has been oberserving
silent nights
from afar
has been dreaming ...
His eyes
shimmer wet.
he turns away,
in the darkness
of the forest.
On the ground,
a pearl
remains behind ...
glittering -
sparkling -
bright -
by the moonlight ...
The tear of the wolf.
The Electric ChairThe Electric Chair  6/1/09
Has my heavy conscious thinned?
Have my altered motives been checked?
Am I too thick skinned?
Is my innocence wrecked?
As I sit on this silver chair
chained tight, lights blare.
I hear the whispers loud
of my accusers as they crowd.
They point and sneer
and stare me down.
I look for comfort but
no one is around.     
It's getting hot, I begin to sweat.
I don't wish to explore my emotional depth.
Have my lies been justified?
Who can judge me for my sins?
Like a stone, I am petrified
of all my losses and all my wins.
Should  I die for my grievous mistakes?
Should I be tortured until I break?
These issues swirl around in my
sickened head, I feel dizzy and beat.
What will be my fate on the inquisitor seat?
As these queries are hurled at me like daggers of spite,
I gaze at a mirror and take in a surprising sight.
Is it really true? Can it possibly be?
All my accusers have turned into me.
I wake up in a sweat it was only
FallI accidentally
Read those words again
"Fall Apart"
And that's exactly
What I did
I turned to you
Head down
Eyes watering
And asked
"Do you think
That I might
Fall apart
And you said
That you
Didn't know
But you did know
That you
Would do anything
You could
To help prevent it
"But ultimately
It isn't
Up to me"
You said
Then I worried
Because you are my strength
But then
You lifted up my chin
With your gentle grasp
And gazed into
My pool of tears
With your very own
And said
"Even if you do
End up broken again
I will still be there
To pick up the pieces
I promise"
And then
With you
By my side
In my heart
I knew I wouldn't fall apart again
We'd fall togeter
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
Lizzie woke up at dawn.  She was too excited to sleep.  Normally Saturdays were her sleep in day, but today was special.  Today was her mommy’s birthday. 
 Her daddy was going to be so proud of her as he didn’t have to tell her to wake up, to not sleep the day away.  Today she was a big girl, able to do for herself.  She was now 8 years old, no longer a baby, daddy told her so.  With that in mind, she was going to dress herself and do her own hair. 
 Even though Lizzie had not seen her mommy in a long time, she could still remember how beautiful she was.  She remembered how her mommy smelled, always of vanilla.  Mommy used to tell her it was because she was in the kitchen all day baking.  Lizzie did not really understand this, but she didn’t want her mommy to think of her like a baby anymore, so Lizzie would just nod and tell mommy how much she loved the smell.  It reminded he

POOLS OF AZURE BLUE by Susan Johnston Owen by SueJOwen PEDESTALPedestal
You put her on a pedestal
like an untouchable statue;
benign of emotion.
Have you confused her with perfection?
The image in your mind has forgotten her soul.
It is cold, lonely foreboding
this position you have given her.
She is not a statuette which requires occasional dusting.
She is woman
vibrant bustling
full of life
Is it fair to expect perfection?
Try making love to a statue.
Susan Johnston Owen 2011
Playing With Words

We'll say it is not personal
at least not hypocritical
for me to get pedantical
at least not hypercritical
there are some things habitual
I'm sick of all things lyrical
when forced to be mechanical
my temper will be historical
it is to me ironical
frequently hysterical
that some can be so jovial
not at all disgressional
when being hypochondriacal
when problems are so trivial
some things may be exceptional
this ditty is my worst of all
I'm feeling a bit dramatical
this rhyming is so musical
alas it is too genial
I find it too eccentrical
ironical , yet natural,
it can be problematical, erotical
how about diabolical
oh look what I have done
Yes, I made up some words, it was fun.  I've been going through some serious stuff,  enough is enough.
ClownYou became a puppet
Nothing more than just a clown
Jumping from here to there
Smiling until your tears make you drown
And you get flashback of the past
That cold November night
When the winds shattered your hopes
It was forbidden to dream of light
You can't help it
You bleed your tears away
The owner of your soul is wanted
Your ship is so far from this bay
You've got nine lives
But you're left with one
Who will take it?
Its killer is unknown
You're a puppet
Nothing more than just a clown
When you cry,
You never leave a sound

A Nurse's Work Is Never Done!Whether visiting patients in a ward, or taking temperatures in the E.R., or going without sleep, lunch or bathroom breaks, in order to keep a casualty alive (in the grim face of death), a nurse will seldom leave his or her post.
With instruments in hand, this wingless angel will tend the sick, and the dying – an almost invisible heavenly presence, when all else is chaos!
Rarely thanked for their humble service, the steadfast nurse will nonetheless retain their life’s calling – all the while remembering that, through the hell, the blood, and the utter despair that tomorrow is another day – said nurse will return to their post (almost) immediately! Moreover, although the hours may be long, their duties backbreaking and exhausting, a nurse will face the day with a smile and a kind word.
Even though we are hurting, when we see a nurse, once we have recovered, we must always remember that heaven’s sweetest angels are clad in hospital pyjamas, buzzing about li
A Fairy TaleDismembered limbs fall from the sky
Dramatic chorus sings silken ribbons
On the mountaintop, out there in the darkness
Where plants are withered from lack of sun
And all that is now will be what was
And all that was will be once again
As limbs attach themselves to torsos
We get up and walk, smiling, into the light
Teeth, hair, skin, bone re-assembled
New feathered wings stitched to backs
The plants are green on the other side
Growth ensured by the ever-bright light
Daddy's GoneSummer
Ice cream, pavement
Melting dreams down the grille
Blue eyes crying, a hug from Mom
But still leaving a sense of loss
No kind words can comfort
Nor ease the pain
Lost love
The Haunted Lantern
The Haunted Lantern
Once long ago when souls were lost
Each night they would light a lantern
They would pick a poor unknowing soul
To carry it through the town and out towards the grave yard
A place where all souls were bound
But once the souls from around followed the lantern out of town
Once they reach the grave yard in the dead of night
They were summoned into the lantern
There their souls would fry
But their cries would shatter the lantern
Killing the poor unbeknown soul
Who foolishly carried the lantern so?
Soon word spread like a plague
And no one would pick up the lantern again
Causing the town to be over ran by souls lost on their way home
Screams of terror echoed out in the night
Howling dogs giving aid to this fright
But no one would lift up the light
To take them away from their flight
Until one small child who was quite ill
Struck a match of pure gold
Holding his breath as the winds did growl
He touch it to the wick by the hooting of an owl
As he held the lantern aloft
He b

Balancing WolfThere he sits, assuming a role that no other can take.
His watchful eye brings peace and balance to the place that he calls his home.
Parting his jaws, he lets loose what is his battle cry, his song of mourning, his song of joy.
The howl that makes nature succumb to his leadership.
He is peacemaker of his domain, he is the balancing wolf.
Because of him, the mountain stands strong, raising the branches of every tree to rejoice in the sweet melody of his call.
Because of him, the deer that rampage and tear at the land are kept at bay.
He is the warrior that defends his home, he is the balancing wolf.
But the land can no longer rejoice in his call.  His melody is slowly replaced by gunshot that echoes through the towering peaks of the mountains.
He is the plague that no man trusts, he is a savage beast.
Now, with only a memory remaining of the mountain’s guard, the balance is destroyed.  The deer tear at the land with vigor, destroying all that the wolf had protected.
Soul MatesBetween dream and moon tides,
The light weaves a new day.
A first glimmer lights the darkness,
Where even still a shadow lay.
For ages swings a song
From star guardians into the world
And first diamonds glitter,
Where luminosity falls on the water.
The young morning is still hesitating,
Promising us hardly the return.
Still the night wraps up the life
And silently breathes the great sea.
Then … finally, the golden time calls.
Water marries to the light.
And shining our heart sways
Where sunshine breaks through waves.
The wind carries my soul
On its wings away from here
To green valleys, ocean lights,
To blue lakes, to you.
You are the life, you are the dream.
You are my soul and my light.
And when the day draws to a close again,
I will not forget you.
AnxietyLife held my hand today,
Slipped his fingers
Through mine,
His palms sticky,
Letting my know
Of his shaken nerves.
His words fell
Like pearls
Onto hardwood floors.
I knew they were precious
But they only hurt my ears.
He coached me
Through the stuttering breaths
And wiped my eyes
Before I even noticed the tears.
“It’s okay,” he said,
“It’s okay to be scared.”
He had to say it several times
Before I could register the words.
And I couldn’t help but wonder
When did leaving the house
Become so hand shaking,
Breath rattling,
Nerve racking?
I wonder
Where Death was hiding.
Whether he was sitting
On the side of the road
In his sensible car
Or waiting on my doorstep
In his comfortable shoes
And warm jacket
For Life to keep him company.
IN MY NIGHTSHADE GARDEN...The Night stirred me awake as I arose clad in a scheme
of witch's rhyme, my eyes shone with a light so eerie
that it must have been the gallows' spawn, and my soul
splintered into a thousand fathoms of Darkness...
I smoked it until I could pluck prophesies from the air,
steeping spectres from smouldering ash and bone,
I twisted Life into Death, and Death became the entrails
of my garden, sewn with rotted seeds and flourishing
slimy leaves, infested with snakes and spiders, toads
and lizards that creep over withered beds of poison ivy,
oh how they welcome visitors into my Nightshade Garden,
refusing to animate life while promising to end it
with a bite of forbidden delights! Welcome visitor,
to my Nightshade Garden, you may not live to tell this tale...
In my Nightshade Garden I planted Henbane and Mandrake,
cloven-hoofed and glittering darker than any nightmare theme,
in my kettle I brewed them until they embalmed my dreams
with viper's spit and spider's sting, a twist of thorn and
a p

A Soul Etched by Exquisite PainThere stands a woman weeping at the banks of her uncertainty
Looking across the black lake, wherein lies her great despair
With heart caught and frozen by great floes of cracking ice
The white hot passion to step out without fear now long faded
For there is a shadow, ever present, darkly cast across her life
The signature of a feather footed lover, from time long past
Being made an eternal secret, to abide with this woman still
Forever present in her life, yet for all that he is, he also is not  
In time past she took his hand, for love, to have and to hold
But it was ripped from her, from the very essence of her being
And the hand being so taken, saw it was red, like her blood itself
Then raised for all to see, turns to powder, as a wind sprang up
Darkness fell as the powder became one with the fury of the air
A terrible shrieking followed, the sound of which went on and on
Until finally the silence returned, and as he turned back to see
The woman, in exquisite pain, clutching th
My best friend the bearOne cold morning I came across his place of rest
and carefully approached him,
he was deep asleep,
dreaming perhaps a spring or summer dream,
I was cold and in need of rest,
so I contemplated laying next to him,
taking a risk.
He seemed so warm and comfortable...
I move one step closer to him
then flattered my wings back,
startled... When he started to wake up.
Slowly beginning to turn from left to right,
even after that, I knew that here
I had to stay the night.
I looked around his lair for a warm place to sleep
but there was nothing not even one dry leaf,
so with the dilemma of a broken wing and a winter storm in the air,
I took my chances with a bear.
I lay by his ears
so if he ever grow restless
and about to wake up
I would sing him back
into his dream land,
and hope he would stay there.
I was so tired and lost,
my mission endangered,
I almost lost hope.
If I could not fly soon to the Great Hall
and rep
Corners of OctoberThis morning -
October blew
the first
autumn leaves
into all
the corners
our lives,
to bring
memories -
an autumn
long ago...
It still
the edge
of thought -
that creeping
and growing
Not sad
Not exactly-
how we
the hill
the wind
and cold
our only
protection then...
(Did not know...
so long ago...)
the emptiness
of today.
How memories
touch us
and fly
NakamuraMy name is Nakamura. Seven months ago, I committed suicide on the twenty-second floor of an apartment building in Niigata.
I had felt sad for some time. I would step onto the balcony at one or two in the morning, having put on my work clothes, and think about throwing myself over the railing. Sometimes I smoked a cigarette and sent the flickering remnant spinning into the darkness.
I did not know why I was sad. I worked hard and my boss was generous. I was able to buy noodles from my favourite place every evening, to rent films, and to hire a cleaning lady. My apartment was small and I kept it tidy - nevertheless, I wanted to share my good fortune.
One day, before leaving for work, I left an envelope stuffed with paper money on the kitchen table with a note addressed to the cleaning lady: 'I no longer require your services. Thank you for everything.' When I got home the envelope was gone. In its place was the spare key to my apartment.
I will not describe what happened next, excep

TrickeryYou smelled of roses;
Too bad you're made of thorns.
Flies.(You're treating me so
much like shit that honestly,
I'm waiting for flies.)
Is.Sometimes you get an
ugly 'is' and you must craft
a beautiful 'was.'
NakamuraMy name is Nakamura. Seven months ago, I committed suicide on the twenty-second floor of an apartment building in Niigata.
I had felt sad for some time. I would step onto the balcony at one or two in the morning, having put on my work clothes, and think about throwing myself over the railing. Sometimes I smoked a cigarette and sent the flickering remnant spinning into the darkness.
I did not know why I was sad. I worked hard and my boss was generous. I was able to buy noodles from my favourite place every evening, to rent films, and to hire a cleaning lady. My apartment was small and I kept it tidy - nevertheless, I wanted to share my good fortune.
One day, before leaving for work, I left an envelope stuffed with paper money on the kitchen table with a note addressed to the cleaning lady: 'I no longer require your services. Thank you for everything.' When I got home the envelope was gone. In its place was the spare key to my apartment.
I will not describe what happened next, excep

I Wish I Had Your SightI Wish I Had Your "Sight"  5/24/14
You are blind - but you see the world
much better than me.
You see colors I've never dreamed
and objects of beauty barely contained.
You peer deeper than any soul I know -
and I wish I had your "sight" -
your unending light that dulls
the sun and burns like blue fire.
You've lost your eyes but you
still understand the lay of the land -
the feeling of sand running through
your sensitive - delicate fingers.
Your other senses are sharp and
are able to pierce right to the bone -
to the very marrow of my being.
When you touch my face and try to trace
the shapes and curves of our embrace -
a single tear begins to fall
and I believe I've seen it all.
Our minds connect - our brains overlap -
and I am able to see your specific world -
the one you created out of a vivid imagination
and pieces of reality.
Like a fragmented dream - like a puzzle undone,
blended with the colors of a thousand sunsets in one.
I am overwhelmed and fall to my knees
when I perceiv
You're in Lust, Not Love.Loving someone... it is in everyone's nature.
It requires a great deal of understanding and acceptance. It's a genuine infatuation with the person, but nothing more.
Being in love... is like trying to hold infinity in the palm of your hand. Feeling like they hold the other half of your brain.. of your soul. When their breath ignites a fire in your heart and their scent drives you to the zenith of insanity. That is passion.
What truly distinguishes the two, is the level of intensity of these feelings.
When your will becomes the overwhelming principle in the relationship- then love becomes lust.
Lust is the most powerful emotion that humans are capable of feeling...
It revolves around this sense of control and desire whereas love is unconditional, understanding, and psychologically sympathetic. Without this understanding, you have merely initiated chaos.
Love is unconquerable. Lust is unquenchable.
A Hero's NightmareThe souls that I could not save The Hawk and The DoveWho am I? I am the Hawk
I am the warrior, whose martial spirit reigns supreme
I fight back to end a fight, and I stand alone
I am the combatant, the tough
Who are you?
Who am I? I am the Dove
The peacemaker, who cannot exist without violence
Yet I need not resort to violence to win
I am the soother, the tamed
Who are we?
We are eternal.

anxietymicro subconscious thoughts
tremble from the mind and
vibrate in rhythm with the
nervous heart, becoming
magnified with each tick
of the second hand.
I Think She Has a CatI Think She Has a Cat
My secretary is a bright
She's an aggressive
She is beautiful
keeps me
on my toes,
a challenge.
I like it when a
beautiful woman
is intelligent.
I can toy
with words.
She understands
the hot issues that
are hard to
fit into
the pushing
and pulling,
the biting
and clawing
that is retail.
I like that she pretends
not to play.
My wife is a beautiful thing. I
don't have to play with her.
She just knows, somehow, what I want,
and I want
her. My
wife is beautiful.
make sure she's okay. I
give to her the things she needs.
My secretary lives somewhere
across town.
I think she has a cat.
12:36 AM
October Full MoonYour blood-red fruit in the sky let my soul flow,
You draw me slowly to yearning distances,
And while the crows’ croaks echo on foggy fields,
I travel to the stars, full of nostalgia.
The wind in the willows whistles with sorrowful flute tune,
And while I follow you to the destinations of our dreams,
I cast a glance at the scenery full of fruits.
From the depth of the earth, song and whisper raise.
Our love was already gone before it began.
I could only search but I never found you.
The sand of the hourglass vanished between our hands,
I had to get over the unavoidable farewell.
The gossamers of past dreams
Cover my thoughts like a web.
They make the brown-colored leafless trees shake
As well as my walk.
October full moon, take me with you on the journey.
Help me to fly to the other side of summer.
In a magical, eternal way
You and I will walk together under the fresh green leaves.
The DancerThe Dancer
At a time of pain and endless strife,
When words and acts cut like a knife,
Its hard to know which path to take,
Which one is safe, which choice to make.
But know you well, this life is yours,
Of tears and joys, fond kisses, sharp claws,
But life is there for those who chance,
And through the pain they choose to dance.

Fright Before Christmas (Contest Entry)    Snow fell silent and beautiful outside the window as the pale lights of Christmas eve decor colorfully illuminated the streets. Joshua sat gazing at the magical sight, one that rarely occured these days on Christmas. He had been pondering all evening whether this would be his last waking sight before the big reveal the next morning. Where an array of beautiful carefully wrapped presents would be stacked neatly under the tree, many with his name on it. Soon he would be asked to go to bed and as with so many Christmases before this he would not dare venture up late to catch a glimps of Santa. Or would he?
His parents had always warned him that if he were to stay up and get out of bed on Christmas Eve Santa would not come and he would receive no presents. Until this evening Joshua had never dared question that notion. Perhaps it was his young curious mind enchanted by the snowfall outside that sparked his curosity, or the fact that at 10 years old he was starting to no
  005. Un-breakableMy body bruised and verbally abused
in a corner, alone and afraid
my heart with its tread marks, imprinted, engrained
from the words, you poignantly betrayed.
Your cruelty spewed forth, like poisonous barbs
that latched on and couldn't retreat
your devious laugh, like a caged baboon
delirious in your own conceit.
To do battle alone, against an innocent child
with no voice to shout back with disdain
is the ultimate, despicable, un-noble act
one could ever imagine, nor explain.
I’m a big girl now, with a child of my own
who has never known anyone’s wrath
I’ll defend to the end, with unconditional love
and lead him, to take his own path.
Un-breakable is my spirit, un-yielding is my soul
protected with the armour, like a fortress cladded wall
that staves off the evil, the bad and unkind
the cycle has ended, I conquered it all!

Animation By Amy Parks


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